What kind of stocks does this service recommend? Are they all US traded?

Yes, all stocks and options that are discussed in our US newsletters and that we are buying and selling are publicly traded in the US.

Do you buy and sell for me?

No, we do not buy and sell stocks on your behalf. We are publishers and buy stocks or options that are discussed in the newsletter. We clearly state what we buy and sell. Its up to you to decide if you want to follow our lead.

Do I have to buy every stock?

No, you don’t have to buy every stock that we are buying. However, the results of your portfolio might differ from the results that our portfolio shows. We pick and choose our 12 Trend Portfolio stocks using the time-tested Proffe’s Trendsetter System. They all add a dimension that helps all of them grow. Cherry-picking stocks isn’t the best use of the Trend Portfolio picks, but they should do well. Also, the amount that you invest can also differ, so there is no need to invest large sums. It’s about the system and its performance, but we highly recommend to buy the whole portfolio to diversify your risks and add to your overall success.

How do the options fit into the strategy?

The options are carefully selected to help add boosts to special opportunities with Trend Portfolio stocks. They give an extra push to the portfolio. They also compliment the stock service since they provide an efficient way to make your stocks work harder for you. These are not risky trades, but trades that take into account all the trend activity we see.

If I don’t use the options, can I still expect great performance?

Yes, we have a track record of well performing long-term stock picks. The options are more speculative and can lead to bigger losses and gains.

How often do you buy and sell stocks, or options?

This all depends on the market development, but this is not a traditional trading service. On average, we make 0-4 transactions per month, but there could be months that we are not trading.

Do I have to buy every stock at the beginning, or can I buy in slowly?

No, you don’t have to buy every stock at the beginning. You can buy them one at a time. In the long-term, you should buy the whole portfolio for risk management reasons, unless there’s an explicit statement in the newsletter not to buy a certain stock anymore.

DISCLAIMER: Past experiences are no guarantee for future returns on investments, as the stock market can be volatile.