Introducing Proffe’s Options Packages

How Can Options Work For You?


It’s As Easy As 1-2-3!

If you subscribe to our Free Proffe’s Megatrends newsletter, you not only get interesting, real-time stock market news and updates, but also announcements on our packages and other offerings. Our Option Packages are really easy to incorporate, as you only have to do 3 things:


Buy the one-time subscription and receive information on which options we buy.


Buy the options in your brokerage account.


Sell the options when we signal we are selling.

Here Are The Facts:

  • Our Option Package typically consists of 5 to 7 hand-picked Trend following options.
  • After you’ve paid the package price, you will receive a PDF with the information to which option we are buying, so that you may also buy it in your own brokerage account.
  • The option will remain there for a period of 4 to 18 months, depending on market conditions, account, and performance.
  • We will signal via email/text that we are selling our positions, so that you may do the same – there is no other information that will be sent between buy and sell alerts.
  • You decide yourself how much capital you’d like to invest – 1 or more contract(s) of each option.
  • A minimum of $12,000 to $15,000 of total investment capital is required to buy 1 contract of each position in the Option Package.
  • We recommend that you balance the positions with equal weight, if possible.
  • Package offers are time sensitive and not on-going, therefore you have 14 days to make your one-time purchase of a package once it’s available.
FYI: All of our Option Packages are completely transparent and can be tracked from many available sources, like Thinkorswim, and other financial websites.

How Can You Profit From An Option Package?

  • Profit from an investment strategy that is based on strong Trend following companies that have been very successful for many years.
  • Profit from the Trend following companies that have survived many financial crises.
  • Profit from the fact that we select companies that deliver strong financial results year after year because they have a strong background and consumer need.
  • This is the basis of the fundamental and financial analysis that Michael Proffe consistently runs on some 250 companies in combination with his own propriety software trend analysis from which he picks his companies and buy options that are “in the money.”
  • Profit from minimized risk by selecting long-time winners, like Union Pacific, United Health, and Visa – these are all in our Trend following group of companies.

Option Packages Performance Results


Proffe’s Option Package July 2020

Package was sold with an overall profit of 92.3% after just 9 months (123% per year)


Graph of Overall Package Performance

proffe performance chart

Proffe’s Option Package 2020

Package was sold with an overall profit of 94% after 11.5 months


Graph of Overall Package Performance

proffe performance chart


Graph of Microsoft Option Performance in Comparison to the Stock Performance

microsoft stock performance 2020

Graph of United Rental Option Performance

united rental performance

Proffe‘s Option Package 2019

Package was sold with an overall profit of 186% after 16 months


Graph of Nvidia Option Performance

nvidia option chart


Graph of Facebook Option Performance

facebook chart

Proffe’s Option Package 2018 

Package sold with an overall profit of 21% after 15 Months

Proffe’s Option Package 2017

Package sold with an overall profit of 110.12% after 11 Months


Graph of Overall Package Performance

proffe option package chart


Graph of Home Depot Option Performance

home depot stock performance chart


Graph of Microsoft Option Performance

microsoft stock performance chart

Disclaimer: Past experiences are no guarantee for future returns on investments, as the stock market can be volatile.