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Michael Proffe

Now Available in the US for the First Time Ever!

Imagine starting with $32,000 and turning it into $2,000,000 in 12 years.

This is what Michael Proffe did. For himself and his subscribers.

All this with no more than 12 stocks at a time – US traded – and a handful of safe, liquid, long-term options.

Why haven’t you heard about Michael Proffe before?

Because this is his first time he has made his service available in the US.

Michael is a regular guest on European financial television, he gives seminars across Europe and is a go-to expert on global and US stocks.

A Different Path Leads to Great Results

Michael didn’t come to investing directly. Trained as an industrial engineer in Germany, he was always curious how to build efficient and robust systems. When he began to invest, he saw the markets as a dynamic, living puzzle he could really sink his teeth into.

So he set about learning all he could about the markets and what made them function the way they did; if there were any patterns and trading strategies that could increase an investor’s odd for success.

But a system needs a goal just beyond above average returns and lower than average risk.

Michael devised a system that accomplished these goals but also went one step further. He built a system with the goal of:

More time to live.

Since Michael’s first test subject was himself, he didn’t want a successful trading system that tied him to his desk all day or had alerts pinging him on his phone every 30 minutes.

He wanted a system that was about as set and forget as trading could be while maximizing returns and minimizing risk.

And as a certified pilot, Michael knows something about careful preparation and strict risk-reward analysis.

A Trading System Is Born

By 1991, Michael had built his 3-tier Trendsetter Strategy, left his engineering career behind and had begun to manage money in Germany.

By 2005, launched his first trading product in Germany, Portfolio Trend Depot. And he put his money to work – and still does – alongside his subscribers’ money. And to this day, Michael still makes more money using his trading system than he does on newsletter subscriptions!

The Move to America

While Michael isn’t a stranger to the US, he has been a featured speaker a MoneyShows and other events on these shores in the past, he was more focused on working with his original audience.

But after the massive financial meltdown in 2008, Michael felt it even more important that he get his message out to as many individual investors as he could.

Then, last year, he decided it was time to come to America.

He has launched 2 paid products in the US, Proffe Trend Portfolio (the US version of his Trend Depot) and
Proffe Global Growth Portfolio.

But this isn’t about those products.

This is about Michael’s FREE weekly newsletter Proffe’s MegaTrends.

Our goal isn’t to go after your wallet without giving you a chance to get to know us.

Take MegaTrends. Learn how Michael thinks. See the kinds of stocks and sectors he is focusing on in his products. Learn how his system finds the trends using real indicators and analysis. See how simple and easy his system makes it on the back-end for investors.

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