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Michael Proffe

There Is Nothing More Important To Your Investment Success Than Being Diversified.

But many investors don’t really know what that really means.

For example, in today’s market, many investors are in index funds or the stocks that make up those funds. The trouble is, all these stocks are very similar, even if they’re not in the same industries.

And when those indexes stop working, look out.

Others are diversified across a sector. But if that sector falls out of favor, all those stocks get hit.

Remember the financial crisis? Some perfectly respectable mortgage companies went under simply because there was a run on the entire sector.

Real Diversification

Real diversification means investing in companies that are making their money in markets all around the world.

Sometimes the US is going gangbusters. Sometimes China’s economy is on the move. Sometimes emerging markets are the best spot to be.

If you’re only buying US – focused companies, you’re just NOT diversified.

Thankfully, the US is the center of the financial universe and that means you can access all these markets in your home markets.

You can diversify globally with a click of a button, without having to buy stocks off foreign exchanges or deal with currency issues.

A New Way To Invest for A New Era of Investing

This is exactly why I built Proffe’s Global Growth Portfolio.

This monthly investment resource is built off decades of investing work I have done – and continue to do! – to make investment products that are safe, successful and user friendly.

My Global Growth Portfolio is a brand new service available to US readers.

Who Am I?

I am Michael Proffe. I have been a leading provider of investment insight in Germany and Europe for more than 2 decades.

I travel across the continent giving seminars, working with individual investors. I’m a regular guest on European financial television, and a go-to expert on global and US stocks.

I built this reputation from the success of my successful investing services.

And when I say successful, I mean that they’re successful for the investors that use them. You see, I’m one of those investors. To this day, I still make my money using the investing tools I have built, not selling subscriptions to my products.

Built Just For You

Last year I decided to move into the US market.

The problem was, my flagship product, Proffe’s Trend Portfolio, which has a great track record and has proven its success through one of the toughest markets in a century, is not exactly an entry-level price.

I had been working on new product for my European subscribers, using my proprietary Trendsetter Strategy, and it struck me that it would be the perfect product to introduce myself to US investors.

And the best part for you: I’m offering this product to a select few US investors for an incredible discount to its price in Europe!

In Europe, my happy readers pay 999 euros for Global Growth Portfolio. But I am offering to my new US subscribers for only $149!

The portfolio is built so you can start small and build it big over time. It gives you the diversification you need to succeed, the ease of trading liquid stocks and the security of proven system.