Proffe Global Growth Portfolio will put YOUR money to work and NOT you!

Growth is not an option, it is a necessity. As an investor, there is one thing that you must make a top priority: GROWTH.
Whether you are looking for income, growth, or a combination of the two, you first have to insist on growth. Without dividend growth or earnings growth, there is no chance your portfolio will work harder than you do, and the same idea is at play in the global economy. It is important to pick countries that are growing if you expect to pick stocks that are growing.

That is why I have built Proffe’s Global Growth Portfolio (PGGP).

Just because these companies are growing around the world, doesn’t make them difficult to buy or sell. These are world-class companies that are US-traded and very liquid. I would have it no other way.
The point is, when you look at what happened in the last financial crisis, you can’t escape the fact that making money in the markets has been harder.
First, the US swooned. Then Europe. Then China. Then the emerging markets. Being able to know when to get in and out of these markets is where I make money.
PGGP is a monthly publication designed to give you global diversification without ever leaving the US market.
You don’t have to be immersed in what’s happening in the world markets. Leave that to me! All you have to do is buy when I say it’s time to buy and sell when it’s time to sell.
My investing goal is not “investing comes first.” My motto is that successful investing means “more time to live.”
That means I will not be trading constantly and wracking up a headache of trading paperwork at tax time. I buy and sell when it’s important to buy and sell.
Legendary investor Warren Buffett once said that, “the trouble for most investors is that stocks are so liquid, they want to buy and sell more than they should.”

I couldn’t agree more.

DISCLAIMER: Past experiences are no guarantee for future returns on investments, as the stock market can be volatile.