Stock Market Forecast: MegaTrends That Will Shape The Next 24 Months

What will the trend world look like in the next year to two years?

Well, one thing is certain. The world has changed and will continue to change on a grand scale. The world economy is one of those facets that is and will change without question. Many doors that have been closed will ensure that new doors will be opened. The world is rearranging itself, and the big winners will be fast, agile, and flexible because no matter how bad the events are, the major trends on our planet cannot be stopped.

The capital market will be busy for a long time. Many businesses will be severely disrupted, but there will also be many opportunities. The capital market always finds ways to profit from any situation very quickly. Morality is not required in this sphere. The world will continue to turn, and the profits and sales of the strong trend companies will continue to flow. You can follow these trends weekly by subscribing to our free newsletter: Proffe’s MegaTrends

What does this mean for the stock price developments of trend companies?

The stock prices of the big trend companies have dipped across the board since the beginning of the year. A strong war bounty is now also priced in. The bad news is well known, but in the next few weeks and months, after bottoming out, the major trend stocks should rally to recover – provided there is no world war. The big trend stocks, like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet, Netflix, Meta, etc. will not let the events in the world sway their strategic developments. A lot of money will flow into these strong companies in the coming recovery phase.



Stock prices in Proffe’s Trend Portfolio (PTP) and Proffe’s Global Growth Portfolio (PGGP) have the potential to increase by 50% over the next 12 months. For many trend stocks, the potential for price increases is over 100% in the next 24 months. In addition, there are the share price stimulations for Alphabet and Amazon with their share splits.


We’re looking ahead to the potential of great gain for PTP

The stock portfolio in the Trend Portfolio has the potential to double in the next 24 months. The option portfolio in the Trend Portfolio has the potential to more than quadruple over the next 24 months! All trend stocks are now a clear buy. The 2nd quarter is the ideal time for a new start of PTP.


We’re setting our sights on new heights for PGGP

Price recovery targets in the Global Growth Portfolio will be over 50% over the next 12 months and around 100% over the next 24 months. This is far above the expected performance development of 30% P/A. The driving factor is, of course, the stock market correction that has been going on since the beginning of the year. The forthcoming recovery will be accompanied by very high dynamics in the trend stocks of the Global Growth Portfolio.

For new customers, the next few weeks are the best possible time to get started. The focus should be on the next 2 years with a chance of a price doubling.



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