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DAF Interview: Coca-Cola & Beiersdorf 7/11/2014

Michael Proffe explains here how we can profit from Summer weather. People drink more and use sunscreen. In his interview, he talks about Coca Cola, sponsor of the World Championships. As sponsor people see commercials of Coca Cola on tv every day. If you look at the chart of Coca Cola you see that this share has been rising for years and not only during the summer, but the whole year through. A Coca Cola share is $42,00 at this moment and Michael’s prediction is that it will rise to $48,00 by next summer. When it comes to sunscreen everyone knows the name Nivea, a worldwide trusted brand. The share has been doing very well over the last 5 years, but it is at a pause right now and declining a little bit. Michael explains that when a stock is going down, it is the right moment to invest, since it will also go up again.

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