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DAF Interview – Summer Rally With US Megatrends 7/4/2014

The question is why does Michael Proffe expects a “Summer rally”. He explains that in the US the profits are growing and the economy is doing much better. S&P500 gained 6%, not that much yet, but the strong companies, the strong trends are going to profit from this over the Summer. Michael looks at United Rentals, which was found in 1997. This company did their homework and increased their shares over the last couple of years by 1600%. Another perfect opportunity to invest in is Mastercard. Over the past years this Share has been doing very well. At the beginning of this year it had a little correction, but is heading in the right direction again. This is the right time to buy Mastercard Shares, because it will go up. It is summertime and people spend more, use their Mastercard, so that means an increase. Looking at the Macy’s shares, you see a very calm, but steady development, but by the end of the year this stock will be up. For Europeans, it is very cheap to buy in the USA, about 30% less and women travelling to the US will buy at Macy’s this summer.

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