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IB-Days Frankfurt 9/10/2015

Michael Proffe’s world is Rich with Megatrends and how his Megatrend system works.
Michael’s question to you: have you ever wondered why after years of being active in the Stock Market Exchange, nothing comes of it. Why do the rich become richer after every crisis? Well, the rich follow a certain strategy. They don’t trade, they invest. Michael explains in this video that it is all about long term investments and not short-term. We are all consumers, from toothpaste to detergent. Megatrends like Colgate/Palmolive – Henkel and Beiersdorf are all companies that sell products we consume. If you look at the charts you see that all 3 companies are going up, year after year. During the Stock crash in 1987 – the .com crisis in 2000 and the Financial crisis in 2008 you see that these companies declined a little, but after the market correction they all went up. Michael follows 140 megatrends worldwide, but not all of them are profitable. There are 7 stocks that will make the rich people richer. Those stocks are all related to consumerism. A company like Nestle. People worldwide buy their products every day, every week, every year. It is because of all of us that companies like Nestle, Henkel and Colgate/Palmolive are doing very well for the last 25 years. Those stocks are all Megatrends. When is a stock a Megatrend? It must run and perform well for more than 6 years. Again, long term investment is what it’s all about.

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