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March 2018 Free Option

From Megatrends to Megaprofits.
My name is Michael Proffe.
I invest in the biggest megatrends of this world, not only in stocks but rather also in options.
In my portfolios, I have many big trend stocks. Like, for example, the trend stock, Microsoft.
The stock could develop excellently over the next 9 years. This kind of development is optimal to accompany with options.
So, in my stock market service last October, I purchased a new option for Microsoft. Last October, the stock was at 77 US Dollars. I choose an option with a strike price of 77 US Dollars with a duration lasting until January of 2019. At this point, approximately 4 month later, the stock price has grown by 17%, but the option price has already added 125%.
There, I have my profit. And the story continues further.
The stock continues to grow the entire time.

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