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US Trend Following System 2018

I developed a trend system and this system tells me exactly which stocks are in a trend and that I could invest in, and which stocks I should not invest in because they do not follow a trend and I could lose money.
So, my trend following system tells me exactly how long I should keep a stock and then when I must sell that stock.
With this system over the long-term, I can achieve large profits in the stock market as it minimizes risk.
The basic foundation of this system is the fundamental data of the company and the concept that only the very healthiest companies will have stocks that grow in value time and again.
I only invest in the winners of the stock market. I leave the losers for what they are and because of this, my stock market portfolio of our newsletter services continue to grow.
The average performance of my German stock newsletter service lies around 55% per year.
With my US stock market service, Proffe’s Trend Portfolio, currently has also a similarly performance of 55% per year.

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