Who We Are

Michael Proffe

Michael Proffe

Michael began his stock picking career in 1987, while he was a successful industrial engineer in Germany and a certified pilot.

His interest in the markets was piqued when he was car shopping. A car salesman suggested Michael buy shares in the German carmaker. During the following year, Michael was amazed at the performance.

So, he bought another German carmaker. But this stock did nothing. Michael wondered, how does one stock in an industry significantly outperform the industry while others underperform?

Answering this simple question was the genesis of Proffe’s Trend Portfolio.

Michael began to dedicate much of his spare time to looking at the markets, to answer one simple question that we all ask: How do you find stocks that are rising steadily, and what makes them different from those that are doomed or will simply tread water?

By 1991, he had a pretty good idea what the answer was. He left his engineering profession and became a full-time market analyst.

By 2005, using a proprietary set of fundamental and technical analysis tools he developed over many years, he was able to build superior real-world returns consistently, year after year. That is when he decided to share his discovery with other investors.

Since then, Michael has become a noted speaker and financial expert in Europe and Asia, with clients across the continent. And now, he is looking to America to share his unique yet elegantly simple investment strategy that has been ‘German engineered’ to produce significant returns, year in and year out, regardless of economic conditions.

Michael currently resides in northern Germany on the Baltic Sea. He frequently travels to the US, particularly Florida.

Jos Pluijmakers

Jos Pluijmakers

Born, raised and educated in the Netherlands, Jos brings more than 30 years of publishing and advertising experience to the table as he started his career in the media department with world renowned advertising agencies like SSC& B Lintas, J. Walter Thompson and Ogilvy & Mather working on major, global consumer accounts.

In 1989 he joined Pan European Publishing a division of Reed Elsevier in Brussels Belgium as their Marketing Director and developed a line of new products and publications, made further career to publisher and became VP of Sales for the company.

In 1997 he moved to Thomas Publishing in Belgium were he successfully launched various European Industrial publications. From there, he was lured to the New York offices of Thomas Publishing in 1999 to develop a range of regional & global industrial publications.

In 2010 Jos started his own International consultancy company and in 2015 Jos joined Proffe Invest as their new President with the objective to introduce Proffe’s highly successful European publication to the US market.

Jos currently lives in New Hampshire.

Gregg Early

Gregg Early
US Content Strategist

Gregg has been in the financial publishing sector for more than 30 years.

Working with one of the largest financial newsletter publishers as first, Managing Editor, then as the youngest Editorial Director ever, he led the development of scores of award-winning publications including the industry’s largest circulation products in his nearly 2 decade tenure.

He was chief talent scout, finding and building products with Wall Street’s top names in a variety of industries, and investing styles. He also was crucial in marrying editorial content with marketing content to build the synergies between the two without sacrificing one for the other.

As the connected world gained dominance in the publishing world, Gregg struck out on his own and founded Fresh Eyes Media, a content consultancy that focuses on helping publishing firms build brand and content recognition in the financial advisory market. His clients include leading global financial organizations like MoneyShow, CNBC, Agora Financial, and InvestorPlace Media.

Gregg lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.

DISCLAIMER: Past experiences are not guarantee for future returns on investments, as the stock market can be volatile.